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charger plates bulk

Explore our wide range of bulk charger plates and more wedding products in various materials like glass, porcelain, plastic, wood, rattan, and metal, etc.

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We understand it’s always difficult at the beginning. We accept small trial order for most of our products without minimum limit.

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Huge Product Variety

Hundreds of charger plates bulk with various materials, and much more related products to match. We supply one-stop solution. You must love it.

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Affordable Products

Price is one of the most important points for business. We supply our charger plates bulk in price. It’s affordable and less than what you get in your market on basis of the same quality.

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High Quality Products

Supplying high quality products is always our goal.
We have got much recognition from our clients in the past 10 years. In the next decades, we will continue to provide high-quality products.

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Fast Global Shipping

Sometimes international transportation is very complicated for some people. We can help to solve it easily. There’re many ways to ship goods, such as by sea, air, train and express courier to door.


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Your plate chargers are always fantastic!
I’m excited to see the new chargers, they’re so beautiful and quality is great. My clients have already booked them. I can’t wait to show them in the coming events.
Luis M.
Wedding & Event Owner
It is especially to thank you for your excellent business ethic. I am extremely impressed with your service and efficiency.
You’re the BEST.
It was a pleasure doing business with TYLORS.
Cheers to a lasting business relationship.
Salama Cassim
Wholesale & Retail President
Our big success is because we have strong partnerships and good suppliers as you, who have been cooperating in whole process.
Next days we will consolidate and place our order with you.
Luiza Malta
Import Solutions Sales Manager

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Thank you to the long-term cooperative clients, and we also welcome more clients to establish and work with us.

charger plates in bulk
charger plates bulk

FAQs – About Charger Plates Bulk and More

Charger plates are made from several materials including glass, plastic, metal, and even natural materials like rattan, wood or slate, etc. The choice of material depends on your aesthetic preference and the formality of the occasion.

Customized charger plates bulk are acceptable. About thousands of charger plates bulk. They come in a wide array of materials, designs and colors, from elegant solid colors and metallic finishes to intricate patterns and themes. The variety available makes it easy to find an option that complements your existing tableware.

Charger plates bulk can vary widely in price, from cheap plastic options costing less than 1 dollar each, to high-end glass, porcelain, or handmade varieties that can be 2 dollars and more. The cost typically reflects the material quality and design intricacy.
TYLOR’S always supply via factory directly more than 10 years. We make affordable prices and provide big discounts if buying charger plates bulk. It’ll cost lower budget than what you get at your local market.

Most charger plates are 11 to 14 inches in diameter, designed to comfortably fit standard 10-inch dinner plates.
It’s important to choose a size that allows for a 1 to 2-inch border around your dinner plate. This ensures the charger plate frames the dinner plate appropriately and fit on the table setting comfortably.

Generally, it’s recommended to gently wipe them with a soft, damp cloth after use. Only very few can be dishwasher safe. So Hand Wash recommended.

Charger plates are the main products we do. Also we supply drinkware, dinnerware, flatware, charger crates, and so on. We do ONE-STOP supply for wedding, event and party.