Black and White Charger Plate for Table Setting

Set a striking table with our black and white charger plates, bringing contemporary elegance to any meal. Perfect for special occasions or everyday dining, these charger plates are a stylish addition to your tableware collection.

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Introducing Elegance to Your Table: The Black and White Charger Plate 


Attribute Details
Size 13″
Material Glass
Weight Approx. 1kg/pc
Packing 12pcs
Process Handmade
Colors Accept customization.
Food Safe Yes
Remarks Hand Wash Only

As you prepare to host a memorable dinner, the foundation of an elegant tablescape is the charger plates that grace your table. Our black and white charger plate set embodies a sophisticated fusion of modern style and timeless grace, offering more than just a dining accessory—they provide an experience for you and your guests.


Style Synthesis:
The vibrant contrast of black and white on these charger plates presents a bold statement. These striking colors create a background that enhances the visual appeal of your culinary presentations. Whether under soft candlelight or the glistening sun of a garden lunch, these charger plates are the perfect canvas for any meal.


Build the Perfect Scene:
Each charger plate in this set boasts a diameter suitable for resting bowls, dishes, and cutlery, serving as an anchor for your setting and protecting your table from spills and heat damage. The sleek, smooth surface provides both a tactile and visual contrast to traditional dinnerware, amplifying the ambiance of your gourmet creations.


Versatile Appeal:
These chargers are meticulously crafted to complement a broad range of decor themes. Whether you’re going for a minimalist vibe, classic elegance, or modern chic, these black and white charger plates will adapt effortlessly to your aesthetic. They’re as suitable for a festive holiday dinner as they are for a casual family meal.


Durable Composition:
Designed with longevity in mind, the robust materials ensure that these charger plates can withstand the test of time. They are easy to clean and maintain, meaning that they will continue to serve as a stunning element of your dining experiences for years to come.


Safety and Sustainability:
Prioritizing safety and environmental stewardship, our charger plates are crafted with non-toxic, lead-free materials that meet the highest health standards. We understand the importance of having a clean conscience while dining, and our environmentally friendly production processes stand testament to that.


Hosting with Flair:
The arrival of guests brings the opportunity to make an impression, and our black and white charger plates are your allies in creating a remarkable dining atmosphere. They frame every dish with an air of sophistication and serve as a talking point, enhancing the overall dining experience.


Carefully Curated Dining:
Every detail counts when setting a table that genuinely stands out. Our plates are not just tableware; they are a staple in curating a dining experience that conveys careful consideration and a flair for design. They are as integral to your dinner party as the company and the cuisine.
The black and white charger plate set transcends its role as mere accessories to become crucial elements in the art of table setting. Innovatively styled yet timeless in appeal, they promise to complement any decor while elevating the gastronomic pleasure of your meals. For hosts seeking a blend of simplicity and impact, these charger plates are the epitome of understated chic. Make every meal a lavish affair; adorn your table with these exquisite charger plates.


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