Hammered Glass Iridescent Charger Plates with Gold Rim

Revel in the Luminous Luxe of our iridescent charger plates with gold rim, gold-rimmed charger plates, a rainbow spectacle for transcendent table settings.

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Luminous Luxe: Iridescent Charger Plates with Gold Rim, the Gateway to a Kaleidoscopic Feast


Introducing our latest masterpiece in tableware, the “Luminous Luxe” collection: mesmerizing iridescent charger plates exquisitely edged with a luxurious gold rim. Crafted from hammered glass, these plates boast a rainbow luster that captivates the eye and elevates your dining experience to new heights of enchantment.


The Allure of Iridescent Hammered Glass


Dive into the depths of iridescence with our hammered glass charger plates. Each plate captures light and radiates a spectrum of colors reminiscent of celestial phenomena. The hammered texture creates a unique tactile experience, adding character and depth to the prismatic display.


Edged with Elegance


Accentuating the splendor of the luminescent colors is the finely electroplated gold rim. Its regal aura of sophistication crowns the piece, harmonizing with the radiance within the glass to offer a truly sumptuous dining accent. This detailing is not just an addition; it’s a tribute to the art of fine dining.


Craftsmanship that Captivates


Every “Luminous Luxe” charger is crafted with precision and care, reflecting the meticulous approach to our work. The electroplating process ensures that the gold rim adheres seamlessly to the glass, promising enduring beauty and resistance to wear.


Artistically Versatile


These iridescent charger plates with a gold rim are designed to complement any table setting or decor style. From minimalist chic to grandiose glamour, the versatility of the plates makes them suitable for all occasions—infusing every meal with a touch of magic.


Commitment to Sustainable Elegance


Sustainability is interwoven into the essence of the “Luminous Luxe” collection. We leverage environmentally responsible production processes to bring you the luxury you deserve without compromising on our shared duty to the planet.


Ease of Upkeep


We ensure that splendor comes with sustainability and simplicity in maintenance. The durability of these charger plates allows for ease of cleaning without diminishing their resplendent iridescence or the golden glow of the rim.


A Symphony of Colors at Your Table


Allow the splendor of colors to resonate with your culinary presentations. The unique rainbow hues of the charger plates provide a dynamic backdrop for your dishes, amplifying their visual allure and tantalizing the senses before the first bite is ever taken.


Moments to Remember, Always in Color


These iridescent charger plates with a gold rim are destined to be part of your cherished dining memories. They serve not merely as dinnerware, but as a canvas for the moments that define our lives—celebrations, milestones, and everyday joys.


Entertain with Extravagance


For those who take pride in their tablescapes, the “Luminous Luxe” collection symbolizes extravagance in entertainment. Presenting these plates to your guests signifies a dedication to creating an immersive dining atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.



Far surpassing the fleeting whims of fashion, these charger plates represent a timeless treasure in your dining arsenal. They are as enduring as they are captivating, ensuring that their splendor is as unfading as the memories they help to create.


Daily Dining Transcended


Every meal is an opportunity to celebrate with “Luminous Luxe.” The iridescent charger plates transform even the simplest of meals into a spectacular event, proof that elegance need not be saved for special occasions alone.


Embark on an illustrious dining journey with our iridescent charger plates with a gold rim—the “Luminous Luxe” collection is not just a product but a portal to a dining experience steeped in wonder. Our iridescent charger plates do more than serve; they mesmerize, turning each meal into a multi-hued celebration fit for royalty. In the light of day or by the glow of evening lamps, the hammered glass material and the electroplated gold rim reflect a symphony of colors, ensuring that every occasion is dressed in its iridescent best.


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