Sunburst Gold Rimmed Pink Table Chargers for Wedding

Add a touch of sparkle to your event with our Sunburst Gold-Rimmed Pink Table Chargers. Perfectly crafted for wholesale weddings and large parties.

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Dazzling Charm: Sunburst Gold-Rimmed Pink Table Chargers for Weddings

Illuminate your event from every angle with our “Sunburst Gold-Rimmed Pink Table Chargers”. These table chargers, infused with a romantic pink hue and encased in a rim of scintillating gold, exude a striking elegance that is sure to enamor your guests. As esteemed manufacturers and wholesalers, we cater to large-scale events, ensuring your every table is dressed to impress.


Brimming with Joy


Presenting a vibrant marriage of charming pink and sunburst gold, our tabletop chargers serve as your canvas for a memorable culinary showcase. Their glossy surface, magnificently rimmed with a halo of sunburst gold, enhances their overall appearance, adding a layer of luxe sophistication to each table setting.


Effortlessly Elegant


Providing an affordable yet alluring option for bulk purchases, our table chargers combine functional value with an aesthetically pleasing design. Straight from our factory to your celebration, these chargers cater to your need for substantial aesthetics delivered at wholesale prices.


Versatile and Resilient


Whether it’s a regal wedding or an intimate party, our Sunburst Gold-Rimmed Pink Chargers add a captivating touch to any occasion. The enrapturing pink and gold blend seamlessly with diverse color palettes and thematic elements, setting your event apart while creating a harmonious visual treat.


Dependable Production, Immaculate Outcome


As your reliable production partner, we aim for durable elegance in each of our creations, evident in the robust glass material and fine gold detailing of our chargers. We take great pride in our steadfast commitment to exceptional manufacturing practices, assuring you of a product that is as dependable as it is striking in appearance.


The Ultimate Table Statement


Envision your event adorned with our splendid chargers, providing an exquisite setting for memorable conversations and shared laughter. It sets the stage for incredible culinary presentations, with each course graced by the dynamic frame of pink and gold.


Eco-Conscious Elegance


Our commitment extends beyond just aesthetics and towards a greener planet. With sustainable practices at the heart of our production, our glass chargers are not only a stylish choice but also an eco-friendly allowance that aligns with your values and vision.


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