Wholesale Beaded Glass Charger Plates with Copper Beads

Elevate banquet elegance with our Wholesale Beaded Glass Charger Plates adorned in Copper Beads, crafted for weddings and grand events.

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Regal Radiance: Wholesale Beaded Glass Charger Plates with Copper Accents

Introducing “Regal Radiance,” our exclusive line of Wholesale Beaded Glass Charger Plates, each intricately laced with lustrous copper beads to set the gold standard for event table settings. We, as a dedicated manufacturer and wholesale supplier bound by excellence, invite you to partake in the legacy of luxury amplified through bulk affordability.


An Ode to Opulent Table Settings


With “Regal Radiance,” every meal is preceded by an overture of splendor. The shimmering copper beads flawlessly embedded along the rim of our charger plates create a halo of warmth and prestige around each dining presentation. Made from the purest glass, these beaded glass charger plates are not mere tableware; they are the jewels that adorn your event’s tapestry.


Copper Elegance on a Grand Scale


Recognizing the unique allure that copper brings to table decor, our beaded glass charger plates capture this timeless appeal with a contemporary twist. The warm, inviting glow of copper contrasts delightfully against the cool clarity of the glass, making a striking statement that is both current and enduring.


Wholesome Wholesale, Lavish Savings


Our “Regal Radiance” collection offers the luxurious allure of hand-beaded craftsmanship at prices that resonate with wholesale sensibility. We bridge the gap between lavish design and large-scale affordability by supplying these elaborate charger plates directly from our factory, ensuring competitive pricing without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


A Tradition of Trusted Craftsmanship


Our role as a reliable manufacturer is rooted in a history of delivering enduring quality. Each charger plate is a product of meticulous attention to detail, reflecting a commitment to marrying artisan techniques with the robustness demanded by busy event schedules. Our copper-beaded charger plates are the embodiment of this dedication, ensuring that they stand the test of time and use.


Transformative Tableware for Any Occasion


Whether poised beneath a gourmet meal at a wedding banquet or serving as the base for a themed party setting, our beaded glass charger plates are versatile showstoppers. Their artistic charm is not limited to weddings — these charger plates are the perfect backdrop for any event where the language of luxury is spoken.


Striking Copper, Timeless Creation


Copper has long been celebrated for its ability to invoke feelings of warmth and grandeur. “Regal Radiance” brings this element to your tablescape, allowing your guests to indulge in an atmosphere that is simultaneously rich and inviting. Our charger plates are a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when traditional materials are shaped by modern sensibilities.


Exquisite Affordability


As industry leaders, we believe that true elegance should not be a privilege of the few. This belief is woven into our pricing structure, guaranteeing that “Regal Radiance” charger plates serve as an accessible addition to your inventory, enhancing the allure and ambience of your events while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.




It’s time to redefine magnificence in meal service with our “Regal Radiance” Wholesale Beaded Glass Charger Plates with Copper Beads. Offered at wholesale to meet your bulk needs, these charger plates promise to leave your guests marveling at their table’s transformation into a tableau of old-world charm and modern glam. Make a statement that speaks volumes of your commitment to excellence and your flair for sophistication.


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